Improve Your VSCode Productivity

Improve Your VSCode Productivity

( last updated : September 06, 2020 )
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If your a users of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VSCode) then you may have noticed that there are a lot of useful extensions in it’s marketplace. As of September 2020, it had approximately 20,690 extensions. Thats a lot of extension to sift through. In this article I wanted to share 4 different extensions that will help improve your productivity with VSCode. These are pretty universal and will make your code a bit more readable. If you work with JSON, YAML, Python, PowerShell, C#, C++ or other. These extension will help your everyday experience better.

Like almost all extension in VSCode these are all freeware and should work with any language your are using. These are my favorite extension that I utilize them on a daily bases. I hope they make your coding experience better too.

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Latest update September 06, 2020

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